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Category: Small Business Cash Advance

Working Capital Funding - Navigating Tough Economic Times
Many businesses are struggling in the wake of the COVID pandemic. Unfortunately, some have been forced to close their doors permanently. Others have had to find new ways to do business. While being able to adapt can help a business remain successful, it typically involves new equipment, new processes, and employee training to use them […]
Merchant Cash Advance Requirements - Does My Business Qualify?
Given the trying times we currently face, it’s not uncommon for small businesses to run into cash flow problems. How can a business owner go about fixing a cash flow problem, aside from making more money? Traditionally, you would apply for a loan with a major bank. However, since the financial crisis of 2008, banks […]
Short Term Financing - Alternative vs Traditional Lenders
Ready to take your small business to the next level but your cash flow is a little light? To facilitate growth, small business owners don’t always need an exorbitant long term loan. Often, short term financing is the perfect solution. It has long been a common misconception that banks are the only sensible way to finance business […]
Ready for a Small Business Upgrade? Consider Alternative Finance
With the holiday season almost over, many small business owners are looking toward the new year and contemplating business growth. Growing a small business takes capital. Even if your holiday season turned out to be your best yet, the capital it generates may not be enough for the type of growth you have in mind. […]

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