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Capflow - Product
CapFlow - Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance

Quick, easy access to working capital

A merchant cash advance is a great financing tool for businesses who need cash fast and receive the majority of their revenue through credit cards. The CFG Merchant Solutions team works with business owners to determine a custom merchant cash advance program that fits a company’s unique needs. As with a small business advance, repayment terms can be flexible but the process differs. With a merchant cash advance, an agreed upon manageable percentage of the business’s everyday credit card sales are used to repay the advance. Like a small business advance, a merchant cash advance can be a powerful working capital tool for businesses who need financing quickly. A merchant cash advance can also be approved in hours, and funded in days. Financing provided by CFGMS can be used for inventory, marketing, technology, staffing, or just about any working capital challenge facing a small business.

CapFlow - Small Business Advance

Small Business Advance

Capital access for the underbanked

For small businesses unable to qualify for a bank loan, or find traditional financing, small business advances can be a great way to get on track. Small business advances are determined on a case by case basis, and are customized by the CFG Merchant Solutions team after a careful analysis of your company’s finances. Terms and amounts depend on each business’s unique cash flow situation, and capital needs. 

 All small business advances, no matter the size, can be approved in a matter of hours, and funded in a matter of days. Your credit score is not an issue in being approved for a small business advance. With a small business advance, you will quickly and efficiently receive the necessary working capital to grow your business. For repayment, instead of facing a large lump sum payment, a small, manageable amount is deducted from your business bank account until your advance is repaid. 

CapFlow - Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring

The power of on-demand cash flow

Invoice factoring is a working capital product that allows businesses to monetize their accounts receivable and bridge the gap between invoicing and collection. Companies don’t always have the resources to make collection calls and actively manage receivables, which sometimes creates delays in cash flow. Invoice factoring offers timely working capital, along with full service accounts receivable management that provide similar efficiencies of an in-house collections department.

Invoice factoring can be a very effective working capital tool for businesses who are growing quickly and extending terms to customers, but need to pay suppliers and employees in real time. Invoice factoring works for not only traditional manufacturing and distribution companies, but also for seasonal business, staffing companies, service providers, and many more.

CapFlow - Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing

Fufill orders with ease

Unlike invoice factoring which accelerates the cash from your invoices, purchase order financing or PO funding allows businesses the assurance of having goods available for customers prior to the creation of an invoice. Purchase order funding can be utilized to fill a single or multiple customer orders, as well as seasonal sales increases.

A business should never find itself in a position of not being able to promptly and efficiently fill a customer’s orders. If left unfulfilled, those orders, and the related income, could be potentially lost for good. PO funding provides for the timely payment of suppliers and manufacturers so that orders get filled, and revenue grows.

CapFlow - Equipment Finance

Equipment Finance

Diffuse the cost of equipment over time

Equipment financing allows companies to purchase or lease business equipment without having to pay the full price upfront and use precious working capital. Leasing allows for the preservation of capital, and the flexibility of repayment terms. Financing a capital purchase allows for the long-term ownership of equipment.

The value of the equipment is taken into consideration when determining transaction terms, and the equipment itself is collateral. When a business chooses to finance or lease, the cost of the equipment is spread over a specified time frame, keeping more valuable working capital on hand and in the business.

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My business wouldn’t be where it is today without CFG Merchant Solutions. After a few years of successful business, I hit a rough spot. CFGMS helped me keep my head above water while I took the time to improve my business. I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work. Great team!
Dominik Writter
Business Owner
No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get a small business loan. I had almost given up on growing my business when I found CFG Merchant Solutions. Within days I had the funds I needed to make repairs and renovate for future success.
Laura Timwell
Business Owner

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