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Revenue-Based Financing vs small business loans
Revenue-Based Financing vs small business loans
Perhaps the most crucial challenges in operating a small business are maintaining a working capital and keeping the business liquid. The two challenges are interconnected. Working capital refers to the assets you have remaining after deducting your liabilities. To maintain liquidity, you have to ensure that your current assets include cash and other items of […]
Is a merchant cash advance the right option for your business?
Revenue-based financing and merchant cash advance are alternative models for obtaining funding to grow working capital for companies. Funders provide capital access, particularly to companies that can not qualify for loans from traditional banks or other financial institutions. Merchant cash advance is a type of revenue-based financing In revenue-based financing, a company receives working capital […]
Business Liquidity Risks - Understanding How to Avoid Them
It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a large corporation, it’s crucial that you constantly monitor your financial situation to ensure liquidity. Of course, it is impossible to be prepared for everything that could cause a liquidity risk. The coronavirus was unexpected and caught many businesses off guard. However, liquidity risks are […]
Commercial Finance - Build a Relationship Before You Need Funding
Every business experiences ups and downs, including interruptions to your cash flow. It’s important to make sure you have a safety net when this happens. However, waiting to create a safety net until you actually need one won’t be very helpful. When it comes to commercial finance, a business should have a backup source of […]

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