A trade show’s purpose is to bring together professionals within a given industry to learn, collaborate, and build relationships. Trade shows can range anywhere from a 1 to 4-day event with workshops, breakout sessions, speakers, networking opportunities, exhibition events, and more. Attending these events can grant access to the latest technology, the newest trends, and offer valuable insight into the industry.  

For companies, trade shows are a chance to exhibit services, build brand awareness, gain leads, and build relationships. As an ISO, it is important to attend and make the most out of trade shows for multiple reasons – as outlined below.  


Trade shows allow for networking opportunities  

One of the major reasons an ISO should attend trade shows is for the networking opportunities they offer. Networking is at the heart of every trade show. Establishing relationships with other professionals in your space allows you to learn from the experiences and knowledge of others. Additionally, they may share valuable information that can help you stay up to date on current trends and happenings. Overall, networking allows you to build a stronger support network, improve business growth, and form your reputation.  


Advance your career through trade shows 

Trade shows are open to both companies and customers – meaning you can generate high-quality leads from attendees. Many companies are offered the opportunity to have a booth – where you can pass out flyers, brochures, business cards, and more. This will permit you to quickly share information about your business with them, while including your contact details so they can reach you. At conferences, there are large crowds of people; be sure to utilize the assets you have – to stand out and advance your career.  


Attending trade shows

Attending trade shows offer you many opportunities to enhance your business.


Learn through workshops and presentations at trade shows 

In every industry, there is always something to learn from others. Many conferences offer workshops that focus on different areas of the industry. These workshops may cover innovative marketing tactics, ways to effectively manage your business, how to strengthen your relationship with lenders, and more. It is important to have has much insight on your industry as you can. Not only can you learn new information on how to improve your business, but you can also see what your competitors are doing. By surrounding yourself with some of your fiercest competitors, you can recognize tactics you think your competition is doing right and wrong.  


Trade shows to consider attending 

Different trade shows take place every year in different cities across the nation. Some of the biggest trade shows for professionals in the revenue-based finance industry are Broker Fair, NACLB, Lend 360, Funders Forum and Money 20/20.  

Broker Fair 

Broker Fair is one of the largest conferences for commercial finance brokers in the country. It is normally held in New York City, with an entire day dedicated to bringing together brokers, funders, lenders, and vendors.  


The National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers (NACLB) is a 3-day event that is typically held in Las Vegas. This trade show is known for inviting well-known entrepreneurs to speak at conferences and provides business with opportunities for growth.  

Lend 360 

Lend 360 is another trade show held for consumer lenders, small business lenders, investors and more in Chicago, Illinois. This event typically has over 800 attendees with discussions every hour on various fintech topics.  

Funders Forum + Broker Expo 

The Funders Forum + Brokers Expo brings together brokers, funders, policy makers, and industry leaders. This conference offers attendees the opportunity to learn about new tools and strategies of the revenue-based financing industry. Meanwhile, you are also networking with fellow funders. This 3-day event is seen as one of the most unique conferences that includes established guest speakers, networking happy hours, and even a sunset cruise.

Money 20/20 

Lastly, Money 20/20 is a 4-day event that is said to be one of the biggest conversations in fintech. Over these 4 days, the event features special guest speakers and discussion panels. As well as lectures on topics such as business techniques and marketing.