The National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers (NACLB) conference, set to take place from September 26-28, 2023, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a notable industry event. It will bring together over 900 professionals from various parts of the country. Thus making it an excellent platform for networking and sharing industry insights.

Joining Forces: CFG Merchant Solutions

CFG Merchant Solutions, a top provider of revenue-based financing solutions for SME’s, is looking forward to meeting all the attendees. Our distinguished team will be on hand to engage, present, network, and socialize with the event’s participants. This includes our CEO, SVP, experienced underwriters, sales representatives, and more!

Insights from Industry Leaders

At NACLB, attendees can anticipate a diverse range of panel discussions covering vital topics. These discussions will address the evolving landscape of commercial lending. As well as mastering the art of deal sourcing and closure, risk management strategies, crafting a prosperous brokerage business, effective marketing and branding, and navigating compliance and regulations. Make sure to catch our CEO, Andrew Coon, as part of one of the panels on Wednesday where he will be contributing his insights alongside other industry experts.

Compelling Reasons to Attend NACLB

Here are some compelling reasons why your presence at NACLB is a must:

Learn from the Seasoned Professionals in the RBF Industry: Immerse yourself in a wealth of educational sessions and workshops led by luminaries in the commercial lending arena.

Expand Your Network: Forge invaluable connections with fellow commercial loan brokers, lenders, and service providers, opening doors to limitless possibilities.

Elevate Your Business: Equip yourself with cutting-edge strategies and techniques to supercharge your commercial lending enterprise.

Your Gateway to Unlock New Business Opportunities

NACLB offers the chance to expand your professional network, connecting with peers, mentors, and potential collaborators who can elevate your career. This conference nurtures business growth by offering strategies and ideas to take your commercial lending enterprise to new heights. Staying informed about the latest trends in commercial lending is crucial, and the NACLB event provides a platform to do just that. NACLB is not just about knowledge; it’s about connections. The conference offers a spectrum of networking opportunities. This includes a grand welcome reception on opening night, a breakfast networking event on the second day, and a closing reception to cap off the event.

Connect with CFG Merchant Solutions at NACLB 2023!

As we approach the highly anticipated NACLB 2023 event, CFG Merchant Solutions invites you to engage with us on multiple fronts. Visit our booth at #103, where our team of experts awaits to connect with you in person. Whether you’re seeking innovative financial solutions for your clients or looking to network with fellow professionals, our booth is the hub for meaningful interactions. Additionally, don’t miss our CEO, Andrew Coon, on breakout session #8 – resources for today’s broker.

For a more personalized experience, consider scheduling one-on-one sessions, allowing us to better understand your goals and interests. Together, let’s chart a course for success at NACLB 2023, forging connections and collaborations that elevate your commercial lending endeavors.

We look forward to seeing you there!