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What is working capital?
What is working capital?
Working capital is the cash available to meet current or short-term obligations. For companies of all sizes, working capital is the means in which day-to-day operations are funded.  Learn more about the importance of working capital from our quick guide! A working capital definition that makes sense Working capital is one indicator of a company’s […]
Small business funding made easy by CFG Merchant Solutions
It is always challenging to maintain a company’s financial health, no matter the size of the business. Small-medium sized businesses (“SMBs”) are particularly vulnerable to sudden economic downturns, natural or manufactured disasters, and other factors beyond their owners’ control.  Even in good economic conditions, SMBs tend to be overlooked and underserved in what financing product […]
Revenue-Based Financing vs small business loans
Revenue-Based Financing vs small business loans
Perhaps the most crucial challenges in operating a small business are maintaining a working capital and keeping the business liquid. The two challenges are interconnected. Working capital refers to the assets you have remaining after deducting your liabilities. To maintain liquidity, you have to ensure that your current assets include cash and other items of […]
Inventory Funding Can Take the Stress Out of Holiday Stocking
Many businesses look to the holiday season to put them in the black before the year’s end, especially retail businesses. However, as much as a business looks forward to boosting its revenue, being prepared for holiday success can put a strain on an already tight budget. This is where inventory funding comes in. Purchasing Holiday […]

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