Becoming an independent sales organization (ISO) can be beneficial for you and your clients but can be a bit intimidating to navigate alone. Fortunately, with an ISO program, you can work cooperatively with an alternative finance company.  At CFG Merchant Solutions, not only do you receive rewards and benefits – but so do your clients.  

Why Should You Consider Becoming an ISO Partner? 

ISO programs allow you to work with an alternative financing company to sell the appropriate small business funding solution to your client. You would also have the opportunity of delivering the completed funding agreement to them directly. Once becoming an ISO Partner, you will receive a larger commission than the compensation you would have received for a referral.  

CFGMS works with all types of professionals in different industries.


Why Partner with CFGMS? 

CFG Merchant Solutions works with qualified third-party financial intermediaries and other professionals. The goal is to introduce potential transactions to the CFGMS platform, which you can be a part of. CFGMS works with all types of different professionals such as lawyers, business consultants, independent brokers, community or regional bankers, accountants, or sales organizations. Here, we are committed to creating and maintaining good relationships and positive user experiences. Not only do you also get a larger commission, CFGMS ISO partners enjoy next day commissions from funded submissions and when merchants refinance, ISO partners receive the exact same commission as they do on new funding. Not to mention, syndication opportunities are available upon request. These are just some of the benefits when partnering with CFG Merchant Solutions.  


Why Merchants Love Funding with CFGMS 

CFGMS strives to provide excellent customer service, as well as safe and quick funding options for our merchants. Each merchant receives a personalized customer experience, where we consult them one on one with their specific working capital needs. We use proprietary analysis technology and smart underwriting to provide small to mid-size businesses with quick access to capital. Due to our outstanding account management with our merchants, we see an average of 50%+ refinances. Many merchants will stick with CFGMS for multiple rounds of refinancing.  


How to Apply 

The initial application process of becoming a CFGMS ISO is quick and simple. All you must do is fill out the form that is available on our partners page. Once you finish filling it out, a team at CFGMS will create an account for you which will then prompt contact from an underwriter. After you are all connected with your account and CFGMS underwriter, you can start submitting your files and funding those deals! If you have any questions or concerns, you can speak to us directly through our live chat at  


About CFGMS 

CFGMS was founded and launched back in 2015. We are a privately-owned alternative financing provider that serves small and mid-sized businesses in the United States. We see how challenging it can be for these businesses to obtain financing, which is why we focus on those who have been historically underserved. Just 3 years after commencement, we crossed $20 million in monthly volumes and by 2020, we had funded a whopping $1 billion. We accomplished this by catering to and valuing our customer relationships by serving their working capital needs.