Do not wait to schedule a meeting with CFGMS at these upcoming industry trade shows!

Do not miss the chance to connect with CFGMS at these upcoming industry trade shows in Q1 2023. As a leading provider of commercial lending solutions CFGMS is excited to attend deBanked Connect Miami and Funders Forum + Broker Expo. These trade shows are the perfect platform for us to highlight our innovative products and services, and we are eager to meet and engage with like-minded individuals from the industry.  

If you are looking to expand your network, learn about the latest industry trends, or simply meet and chat with the CFGMS team, be sure to schedule a meeting with us at these events. We are looking forward to connecting with our peers and partners! 


About deBanked Connect Miami 

deBanked Connect Miami is a commercial lending trade show that brings together leaders and innovators. Mostly from the fintech and alternative finance industry. The event provides a platform for attendees to network, learn about the latest industry trends, and connect with key players in the field. It’s an ideal opportunity for individuals and companies to explore new business opportunities. Additionally, to showcase their products and services and engage with peers and partners. 


CFGMS at deBanked Connect Miami 2023 

CFGMS attended deBanked Connect Miami this year! Attending deBanked Connect Miami was a great opportunity for us to further our mission of providing exceptional support and guidance to our clients and partners. If you missed the opportunity to connect with us at this year’s deBanked Connect Miami, do not worry! We understand the importance of being present at industry trade shows and conferences. We are committed to providing our clients and partners with the opportunity to connect with us in person. That being said, we are excited to inform you that we will be participating in more trade shows this year! Keep an eye out for our upcoming announcements about our attendance at Broker Fair and NACLB later in the year! 


CFGMS at Funders Forum + Broker Expo 2023 

Featured Speaker: CFGMS’s President, Bill Gallagher    

We are thrilled to announce that Bill Gallagher, the highly regarded President of CFGMS, will be a guest speaker at this year’s Funders Forum + Broker Expo! Gallagher has served as the President of CFGMS since its establishment in 2015. Providing steadfast leadership and direction to the organization from the very beginning. On March 9, 2023, the second day of the conference, our esteemed President will join a panel of experts to provide insights and share their thoughts on the current state of the industry in 2023. This promises to be a thought-provoking and informative session for all attendees. 


About Funders Forum + Brokers Expo 

Funders Forum + Brokers Expo is a conference where investors, venture capitalists, compliance officers, and business owners gather to discuss and learn about the newest trends and developments in funding and financing. It also features an exhibition that focuses on showcasing the latest products and services. Which are offered by brokers and other financial service providers. The event provides attendees with opportunities to network, learn about new investment opportunities, and discuss industry best practices.  


Schedule a meeting with us! 

CFGMS is excited to have a strong delegation of team members in attendance at the upcoming conference. With representation from our marketing, compliance, management, and other teams, we are poised to engage with attendees! Please join us at Networking Pod 5 for a chance to talk and connect! Furthermore, you may arrange a one-on-one meeting with a member of our team. Please keep an eye out for our calendar link where you can easily schedule a meeting at your convenience.